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Property Management

Why do you need professional property management?

  •            Resident Problems

  •            High Vacancy Rates

  •            Deferred Maintenance

  •            Delinquent Rents

  •            Waste of Your Time and Money

If these problems sound all too familiar, you can benefit from our services. Please call us at (415) 819-2008 for a free property evaluation.


Concise Financial Statements

Our accounting program informs you of all activity at your property in a complete and accurate monthly computerized financial report.
Reduced Vacancy Factors

Our personal touch and impressive track record, mixed with aggressive advertising and marketing,
which includes internet ads, results in a large base of potential residents. We give each resident the respect they deserve and through this relationship we earn long-term commitments.

Resident Screening and Selection
Our in-house staff evaluates and approves only qualified applicants. We present our expectations to new residents in writing to encourage complete compliance.

Cost Effective Maintenance
Our maintenance program provides prompt and reliable service at a fair price. We avoid unnecessary expenses with preventative maintenance and field inspections.
Specializing In:

       Single Family
       Apartment Complexes 
       Small Shopping Centers
       Office buildings and medical facility

Additional Benefits
Creativity – We analyze your property to calculate the highest rental fees often suggesting income producing property changes, upgrades and improvements to maximize rental income.

Market Analysis – Continuing market analysis to ensure rental income is maintained at its highest level.

Stress Reduction – We handle all tenant communications and interface.

Emergency Services – A 24-hour number is provided to tenants where we can be reached for emergencies.

Financial Transactions – Rent collection, payment of bills, loans, taxes, and HOA dues. Residential funds are dispersed to you monthly.

Professional Property Management Doesn’t Cost…It Pays!

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